"The burning mountain legend" - Brennberg

Élménytúra - Az égő hegy legendája - Brennberg - Soproni MúzeumWe will make a visit to a special border village, Brennbergbánya which was the cradle of the Hungarian coal industry. On the walking tour the ancient legend come to life when fairies, elves have lived in the forests of Sopron, and the miners were struggling to bring up to surface the mountain's treasure, the brown coal. The tour stops at the miners’ beautiful church, the belfry, Barbara's statue and the exhibition titled Memories of Mining of Brennbergbánya. The tour ends at the Central Mining Museum in Sopron, where groups of children can explore the “Experience Mining” as well.

Duration: 2 hours with travelling
Dress code: easy trip
Registration and appointment:
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Tel.: 06 30 9291204 / Tamás Taschner