The Secrets of the Storno Family - "Silent trespassing"

Élménytúra - A Storno-család titkai - Soproni MúzeumWho was actually Francis Storno chimney sweeper apprentice, who estimated, measured and restored monuments, designed and collected art-objects sedulously? What led him to lifelong art-learning and retain his family’s beautiful objects for posterity? All you'll learn when you visit with us the monuments of the Storno family in Sopron. The walk starts at the Main Square, where the Storno House exhibits this unique collection. Our trip goes on the Front Gate, the Vienna suburbs to the St. Michael Church which along with the St. James chapel in the old graveyard was restored by the Storno family. During the walk we’ll see the town through the eyes of the Storno family members: through the reproductions of pictures, paintings made by them we can see how the streetview changed in the past one and a half century. The trip ends at the Main Square with stopping at the former Storno Atelier in the Bécsi Street.

Duration: 2 hours
Dress code: Streetwear
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